iuvo BioScience Uses Improved Data to Accelerate Product Development for Clients

iuvo BioScience, of Rush, NY, provides comprehensive research services for pharmaceutical and medical devices companies worldwide. iuvo teamed up with CAS IP ServicesSM to achieve its mission of helping clients move new products from research to release faster and at a lower cost.

iuvo relies on data from CAS scientific and intellectual property searches to help their clients drive decisions in preclinical research, toxicology testing, and regulatory submissions. The data from CAS forms a cornerstone of understanding for iuvo in developing products and materials and aids in shaping its preclinical strategies.

Quality searches with reliable results give iuvo scientists the confidence they need to support lead compound selection with the greatest potential, shape preclinical research strategies, streamline toxicology testing, and design testing studies that are less complex and therefore less expensive for its clients.

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Complete and thorough search results give us greater confidence in shaping our decision to proceed with particular compound or in designing a given testing strategy. They also help us refine research strategies to avoid unnecessary testing and costs for our clients.

Mary Richardson, Ph.D., DABT
Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President
iuvo BioScience

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