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CAS IP Research: Opportunities for Accelerating Innovation and Mitigating Risk at the Nexus of Intellectual Property and R&D

The transformation of intellectual property (IP) management within commercial companies is driving the adoption of new practices and technologies to more closely align IP objectives with growth strategies, unlock greater portfolio value, and support strategic decision-making across enterprises. This research white paper from CAS explores this transformation at the nexus of IP and Research and Development (R&D), where organizations are applying IP insights to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and identify potential risks to commercialization earlier in the product lifecycle. 

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Missing critical IP information during R&D can lead to misallocated resources, potential patent entanglements downstream, and delays in commercialization. The white paper provides valuable insights for R&D and IP managers about these critical topics: 

  • Top IP management goals over the next 12 months
  • Role and use of IP information across organizations
  • Challenges in using IP information 
  • State of IP information access and investments 
  • Resolving IP information gaps 

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