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CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), is committed to improving peoples’ lives through science and technology innovation.  The CAS Innovation Incubator is designed to help accelerate your next breakthrough with early-stage support from CAS. Apply to access unique content, technology, expertise, and potential funding to propel your cutting-edge innovation to the next phase. 

CAS offers scientific resources, IP expertise, and potential funding to early-stage innovators to advance scientific innovations

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Insights to catalyze discovery

Today, scientific advancement is driven by innovation at the interface of science and technology. CAS specializes in scientific information solutions, and is committed to supporting and enabling early-stage innovation in this critical intersection. This includes machine learning, artificial intelligence, data modeling, analytics, and knowledge management to help solve major scientific challenges.

The CAS Innovation Incubator supports selected high-impact innovation organizations, scientists, and projects with resources such as high-quality data from the CAS Content Collection, intellectual property expertise, potential seed funding, and access to relevant CAS solutions platforms.


The primary focus of the CAS Innovation Incubator is to support the development of innovative approaches to aggregating, managing, searching, analyzing, and sharing complex data aligned to scientific disciplines. However, submission of any project that could improve peoples’ lives and benefit from CAS content, technology, and/or expertise is encouraged.

Individuals or organizations in the commercial or academic sector, as well as independent inventors, are eligible to apply for support. See the FAQ for more detailed information.


Beyond the above benefits, the CAS Innovation Incubator is unique in that it offers selected early-stage innovators:

  • Increased visibility for vetted high-impact projects, inventors, and organizations
  • Prestige and enhanced credibility earned by projects and inventors selected through CAS’s vetting process
  • Access to alternative type(s) of support most impactful to project success, including content, technology, and expertise not available through traditional seed funding sources
  • Access to a global network of connections through CAS, and the broader American Chemical Society (ACS)

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As a first step to be considered for support from the CAS Innovation Incubator please fill out the short intake form below. Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and applicants may be contacted with additional information requests after initial review to support further consideration.

If you prefer a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with CAS first, please indicate this request on the intake form.

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