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Unravel the potential of internal R&D data: Curate and connect for searchable insights

The knowledge you own has value. But what if you can’t access it to drive decision making and innovation? 

Many research and development (R&D) organizations have decades of key research trapped in unstructured files and legacy documents. As a result, researchers struggle to locate, access, and apply this valuable information to their work. Historical R&D insights remain untapped, causing the pace of innovation to slow down.  

Leveraging the same expertise and R&D technologies that make the world’s scientific data available in CAS SciFindern, CAS Custom Services helped a large health-tech organization make their internal R&D data accessible. A customized solution enabled scientifically aware searching and connected internal R&D data to the world’s published scientific data.  

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Contact the CAS Custom Services team to see how you can unlock your organization’s R&D data to accelerate innovation.  

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