Gillian Doucette-Banten


Security Analyst
Business unit: Enterprise Information Security
2 years at CAS

What inspires me:

“From my first job interview at CAS, I knew I wanted to work in this culture. The people on my team are very knowledgeable, friendly, and outgoing.”

“One thing I love doing is giving back to the community. It feels good that CAS is involved in so many community initiatives.”

“I started a program here at CAS, with leadership support, and I’ve made many friends along the way as I drive this initiative.”


In her own words:


How my work has an impact:

“I built the Cybersecurity Awareness Program at CAS from the ground up, with support from leadership. Our President has been very supportive of the program and working on it has been a lot of fun.”

“We have a whole month dedicated to cybersecurity and educating employees on things like locking their devices, using strong passwords, and spotting a phishing email in their inbox. I love being there to help them and educate them.”

What I value at CAS:

“I can go to my team with any type of question I might have, and they will help me find the answer.”

“CAS is a great place to work because it is hands-on learning every day.”

“There is always someone’s smiling face you see when you walk down the hall. Everyone’s very friendly.”

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