Fostering global cooperation with a COVID-19 patent landscape report

As the center of the global IP stage, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) sought to understand and share the COVID-19-related patent landscape. Learn how WIPO partnered with CAS Custom ServicesSM to optimize its search strategy and accelerate the release of the first WIPO COVID-19 Patent Landscape report.


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Boost purchasing power with a custom feedstock intelligence platform

Find out how CAS Custom ServicesSM partnered with a large multinational consumer goods company to create a custom feedstock intelligence platform that analyzes raw materials, extracts additional value from the data, and equips purchasing teams with stronger negotiation power.


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Accelerate drug repurposing with knowledge graphs

Learn how CAS used a knowledge graph-based approach to manage, explore, and navigate the connections between information, identifying and ranking promising COVID-19 drug candidates. This knowledge-graph approach helped researchers narrow results and quickly determine ideal drug repurposing candidates.

drug repurposing

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Custom inventory screening improves Servier’s chemical management

In preparation for the move to a new facility, Servier wanted to reduce an inventory of over 47,000 samples by purging commercially available chemicals. Learn how CAS Custom ServicesSM experts accomplished the task in just one week.


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Learn how ICL repurposes 75% of targeted waste with help from CAS

As part of its circular economy strategy, ICL sought to identify new applications for its manufacturing waste compounds. Learn how ICL scientists partnered with CAS Custom ServicesSM to accelerate their research process and quickly identify new applications for 75% of their targeted waste products.


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Dramatically improve prediction accuracy with quality data

While tangible wins are proving valuable for AI in R&D, data continues to be a key stumbling block. One machine learning algorithm classifying compounds only achieved a 10% accuracy rate. Learn how quality data from CAS improved prediction accuracy to 45%, making it possible for teams to minimize false positives and focus efforts on top compounds.

data quality

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Unraveling the potential of internal R&D data

Decades of key research trapped in disparate, outdated systems was costing a large health-tech organization considerable time and money. Learn how CAS Custom ServicesSM partnered with the organization to create a knowledge management system that allows researchers to better utilize previous research findings and dramatically improve search times.

knowledge management

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CAS helps INPI increase patent office efficiency by 50%

With a backlog of nearly 150,000 applications, INPI Brazil faced the risk of significantly delaying innovation in Latin America’s largest economy. Learn how CAS Custom ServicesSM developed an AI-enabled workflow solution that reduced the office’s chemistry application backlog by cutting patent application examination times up to 50%.​

INPI Brazil

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Digital transformation accelerates R&D and saves $800,000

A large diversified chemical company struggled to manage the more than 800 new substances added to isolated databases daily. These data silos decreased efficiency and compromised data value. Learn how the company partnered with CAS Custom ServicesSM to harmonize and standardize internal data, enabling the company to be first-to-market with new innovations while projecting annual savings of over $800,000

Data Integrity

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Preserving biodiversity with better data management

As home to 20% of all species, Brazil offers enormous potential in the search for compounds used in drug discovery, cosmetics, and nutrition. Yet, a lack of organized information means this rich biodiversity goes underexplored. Learn how CAS Custom ServicesSM collaborated with researchers to build a curated, well-structured NuBBE database that enables scientists across industries to identify potential targets and build on previous efforts.

Brazil Biodiversity

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Quality data dramatically improves AI performance

Looking to develop a novel electronic device, a large chemical company investigated machine learning methods to augment their R&D efforts. They discovered that the required training sets were unavailable internally and proved difficult to find. Learn how partnering with CAS Custom ServicesSM for custom-curated datasets helped the AI model generate precise recommendations.

Machine learning

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Toray enhances its data strategy with custom training

When Toray scientists were tasked with preparing their own datasets, it proved time-consuming and challenging. Learn how Toray partnered with CAS Custom ServicesSM for a tailored training program that taught researchers key data management principles and dramatically improved their data practices.


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