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CAS introducing transformational capabilities to accelerate life sciences innovation

The world’s most trusted source for scientific information, CAS, leverages new content, technologies, and expertise to advance its life sciences growth initiative.

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Launch of CAS Insights introduces new destination for tracking scientific innovation trends and opportunities

Drawing on the CAS Content Collection and scientific expertise, CAS Insights offers business and research leaders perspectives on the latest developments across science and technology.

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Dow and CAS Announce Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate R&D Capabilities and Efficiency

This collaboration leverages a tailored CAS Custom Services solution designed on a foundation of specialized CAS technologies, data science, and the CAS Content Collection to empower efficiencies in Dow’s research processes.

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CAS Launches Innovation Incubator to Partner with Early-stage Innovators

Through the CAS Innovation Incubator, CAS offers resources, expertise, and potential funding to early-stage innovators to help boost their science-based ventures.

Press Releases integrates CAS chemical substance data into its novel drug delivery AI platform

CAS is launching a collaboration with to enrich their proprietary database to fuel its AI engine, with an expected 70% reduction in resources allocated to molecular data acquisition and preparation.

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CAS applies AI-driven approach in collaboration with INPI Brazil to transform patent examinations

CAS has completed a project with The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) of Brazil for an enhanced examination workflow solution for chemistry patent applications using a unique blend of technology, artificial intelligence, data, and expertise. The new solution reduced application examination times by up to 50%, and helped to reduce their multi-year application backlog.


世界上最值得信赖的化学信息来源——CAS 实现重要的生物学扩展

CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform 中纳入了独特的生物序列数据集和功能,重新定义了其在药物发现中的作用。

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World’s most trusted source for chemistry information, CAS, launches major biology expansion

The CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform redefines its role in drug discovery with the inclusion of unique biosequence data collection and capabilities.

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CAS, la fuente de información química más fiable del mundo, lanza una importante ampliación sobre biología

CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform redefine su papel en el descubrimiento de medicamentos con la inclusión de una excepcional recopilación de datos de biosecuencias y unas prestaciones únicas.