Formulus Use Case - NPK Fertilizers

The world of fertilizers can be complex, but it all hinges on three elements: N (Nitrogen,) P (Phosphorus) and K (Potassium.) These three are the basis of macronutrients which are essential for plant growth, and are the DNA in fertilizer formulations that today's industrial-scale farms need to help crops reach their true genetic potential.  

CAS is uniquely positioned to help agrochemical formulators improve what they have already brought to market by offering easy-to-read details of a formulation including the components, process and experimental activity in a new solution, Formulus®

Formulus Use Cases

This video demonstrates how CAS Formulus can help formulators increase their efficiency, navigate the regulatory landscape, and identify suppliers of key ingredients.


Glyphosate Alternatives Use Case

Download the use case to read how agrochemical formulators can use CAS Formulus to search for glyphosate replacements when developing safe and effective herbicides. 


Cover image for CAS Formulus use case