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Understand the IP landscape in less time with CAS SciFinder.

Understand the IP landscape in less time with CAS SciFinder.


Find Opportunities for Innovation

In order to successfully manage your research portfolio and bring your innovation to market, it’s essential to first understand the technology landscape. Establishing novelty, understanding freedom to operate, fencing out competition…there are numerous reasons to be knowledgeable with the relevant technical IP.

You don’t need to be an expert patent searcher to understand the IP landscape for your technology interests. CAS SciFinder can help you determine where there are opportunities for innovation or risks of infringement, and find out who else is working in this space. CAS SciFinder gives you access to industry-leading capabilities like patent Markush searching and content such as patents that have been chemically annotated by our scientists, so you can stay on top of the IP landscape.

CAS SciFinder provides access to hard to find chemistry within patents
Get instant access to patent documents and the hard-to-find chemistry within.


Use a Patent Markush search to find structures including generic structures.
Use a Patent Markush search to find structures (including generic structures) matching your query
within patent references.


CAS SciFinder is an invaluable tool for reactions and patent searching.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 4F0-7C9-789

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