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CAS Welcomes Early-Career Scientists for the 2023 Future Leaders Program

CAS welcomed 35 of the brightest early-career scientists from around the world to kick off the 2023 CAS Future Leaders program. The unique, week-long program will help participants develop a highly valuable set of skills: the ability to lead people, communicate effectively, and present research in an accessible and captivating manner.

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The rise of biologics: Emerging trends and opportunities

Biologics research and production have grown rapidly in the past few decades, with no signs of slowing down. As innovators navigate an increasingly varied landscape of biological drugs designed to target everything from cancer to infectious diseases, many challenges still face those developing these next-generation therapeutics.

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Mind the gap: Overcoming a common blind spot in IP portfolio valuation

The value of an organization's intellectual property (IP) portfolio has become an intangible asset of innovation-focused organizations. As the volume and value of IP-driven business transactions increase, financial valuation of IP portfolios is becoming a critical discipline. Valuations are used to advise in acquisitions, patent portfolio adjustments, licenses or litigations. However, the most common IP valuation methods in use today have a blind spot that could be driving undervaluation of key patents.

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Mind the gap: Spanning the divide between patents and journal articles

There's no doubt that the differences between journal articles and patents are extensive and impact how they can be searched. Tools that provide a unified approach to curating journals articles and patents are key to overcoming the search gap and driving innovation forward.

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Data, the cornerstone for successful digital transformation in R&D

How can you make smart investments that position your organization for success with today's technologies, such as deep learning, as well as the next breakthroughs? This blog will show you how building a solid data foundation is essential to long-term success in implementing digital technologies and how you can get started with smart investments today that will pay dividends long into the future.

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