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CAS COVID-19 Antiviral Candidate SAR Dataset

This open source dataset contains over 290K structure-activity relationship (SAR) data directed at COVID-19 protein, virus and disease targets reported in the literature, patents, and other public sources for over 9K of the substances included in the CAS COVID-19 Antiviral Candidate Compounds Dataset.

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CAS COVID-19 Dataset Properties

The CAS Covid-19 dataset has been extracted from the CAS REGISTRY® including known anti-viral drugs and related chemical compounds that are structurally similar to known antivirals and is subject to these license terms.

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CAS applies AI-driven approach in collaboration with INPI Brazil to transform patent examinations

CAS has completed a project with The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) of Brazil for an enhanced examination workflow solution for chemistry patent applications using a unique blend of technology, artificial intelligence, data, and expertise. The new solution reduced application examination times by up to 50%, and helped to reduce their multi-year application backlog.

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